Uniform Policy:

The school does not have a uniform


  • We do not have a school uniform. If you wish your child to have “school clothing” the school does sell t-shirts with the school’s name on them. The information below is intended to help you ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for working and playing in school.
  • All clothing should be name-tagged.
  • Lost property is generally placed in the infant and junior cloakrooms and from time to time is displayed in the playground over two or three days.  Items not claimed are eventually given to charity.  Items of value are sometimes handed into the office.
  • The school cannot accept any responsibility for any clothing or other items lost.
  • Shoes suitable for school and safe-play should be worn at all times. Remember your child will be running, climbing and playing as well as sitting and working so please help them to be safe and comfortable by choosing sensible shoes.
  • Children will be participating in a wide range of activities during any school day so please help them to dress appropriately. Avoid new (or their best) clothes as playing and painting can be messy.
  • Please be aware of the changing weather when sending you child to school. We attempt to send them out to play even if it is raining.
  • Please ensure that your child’s top covers their shoulders and midriff and that skirts are not too short. Avoid any clothing that is printed with an inappropriate logo.