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File icon: pdf Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Sports Grant



You may be aware that schools were given a grant to spend on sport.

We have used ours to fund the cost of a sports coach who works with the school for 1 day a week and a gymnast who works at the school for 1 day a week. We also bought additional sport equipment.

This has led to greater skills in gym and sport and an increase in participation in external competitions. For example this year the boys football team won our league and got through to the Camden finals.

It is our intention to fund this from school funds when the grant monies run out/cease to be given. Click on teh PDF above to discover more.





Net Cost



 £    8,625.00

 £     9,680.00

 £  10,347.00

-£ 11,402.00


 £    8,873.00

 £   18,090.00

 £    8,596.00

-£ 17,813.00


 £    8,878.00

 £   13,870.00

 £    8,187.00

-£ 13,179.00



 £  26,376.00

 £   41,640.00

 £  27,130.00

-£ 42,394.00

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