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Ofsted 2014

Click on the link below to read the 2014 Ofsted report.

Link: Ofsted Website

We value the positive and constructive feedback from our colleagues in Ofsted. They help us to continue to improve.

File icon: pdf Ofsted 2014 [pdf 220KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Letter from Chair December 2014 [pdf 82KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Ofsted letter from Fitzjohns [pdf 82KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Ofsted 2009 [pdf 153KB] Click to download

Challenge Partners

We always want to improve and have joined Challenge Partners to help us do this.

Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led charity that enables collaboration between schools to enhance the life chances of all children, especially the most disadvantaged.

Their unique approach has been developed over more than 20 years' work. Challenge Partners was formed to continue the learning which emerged from the development of Teaching Schools that evolved out of the London Challenge.

Challenge Partners provide networks and programmes that facilitate sustainable collaboration and challenge between schools in order to underpin improvements in educational outcomes which would not be possible for a school, or group of schools, to achieve as effectively or efficiently on its own.

Their work assumes that if they build a trusted practitioner-led network, identify the knowledge and skills of the best, and facilitate effective collaboration with the rest, then they reduce the variability in provision. And if they also link the best schools with external knowledge, theydrive up the performance of all schools, leaders, teachers and pupils in the network and by harnessing the collective voice of member schools they empower us to influence national policy and practice for the benefit of all.

File icon: pdf March 2018 Fitzjohns Primary School Review Report [pdf 150KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Challenge Partners Report [pdf 411KB] Click to download