Y2 Assembly Friday 13 January 2023

On 13 January 2023, I went to the Year 2 assembly. Children gave an amazing presentation. They gave an overview of the themes they'd covered in writing, maths, history, and science. They used storytelling, songs, posters, and used iPads to show photographs and you could see how fluidly they use iPads. In history, they were learning about the Fire of London and learnt a song about it. It was obvious that it was a very engaging and effective way to memorise the key facts, dates and names. Apparently children answered the most difficult fact questions to a Camden historian who came to tell the class about the Fire of London. (You could also see Year 3 remembering the song from the last year.) And all of that was in addition to Year 2's splendid performance of the Christmas play in December - they showed a lot of effort, teamwork, group and individual presentation, while also showcasing what they'd learnt.?


Y1 Friday 1 July 2022

I attended the Year 1 assembly on Friday 1 July. The children began by acting out a book they had been reading, about team work. They had a great time pretending to be the selfish elephants who were outsmarted by the collaborative mice! They explained that the book showed that it was often easier to solve a problem if you work as a team. They also presented some drawings and work they had done about nature and the environment, which was based on helping everyone to be aware of the impact of things they do and the way they live.  

They finished with a  song – I wish I’d made more notes as I don’t know what it was called! (But it was very sweet. )



The nursery did a charming and well organized assembly on what the children wanted to be when they grew up. 
There were some great costumes. The chosen careers were interesting, and the children mostly managed to speak quite well, which is difficult in public at that age. Participating in a collective activity, coordinating with others and with teachers, like this is an education in itself, and it all went very well.


Y3 Assembly 27 May 2022

Well done year 3!

It was a wonderful assembly with so much packed into it!

I loved hearing about the Anglo Saxons, the way they lived, crafted and fought their enemies. You sang beautifully, including a most impressive Rap number. I was happy to learn about the origins of the names of the days of the week in a wonderful presentation, and see that your learning touched on so many aspects of Anglo saxon living - from story writing, to weaving. Well done for sharing your work so eloquently, and with such enthusiasm.

Ruth Schocken Katz (Chair)

Y6 Assembly 12 November 2021

I attended the school assembly, in which Year 6 presented some of their learning. Rob said it was the first time in over a year that the whole school together with parents and staff had gathered together.


The class performed a spirited version of Romeo and Juliet, with confidence and humour. The fight scenes and tragic deaths were much enjoyed by the younger children at the front!


This was followed by a short science presentation about genetics including an explanation of how eye colour is inherited.


To finish, the children told the school about the experience of families in London during World War 2. In role as older people, who were children during the war, they explained the blitz, rationing and the evacuation of children to the countryside. Again the performance was lively and confident.


Well done to all the children and Pete.


Deborah Townsend

Y1 & Y2 Nativity

This year's nativity production took us all over the world to share how different cultures celebrate Christmas. It was a multi-cultural festival of gift giving and storytelling shared with great voices, lovely acting and angelic singing! From Poland to Malawi, Australia to Ireland, the USA and China, we learnt of each country's tradition. The costumes were great, the voices were strong, and the message was clear: there are so many ways to celebrate Xmas! And while we are all different, we are all really connected and the same. Well done to all the children who delivered such a magical performance, and to all the adults who make it happen! Happy Xmas everyone!

Year 6 Assembly 9/11/18

I attended Year 6’s assembly and tea on November 9th. The topic of the assembly was WWII and in particular life in London at that time. The children seemed to have immersed themselves into the topic and displayed their knowledge nicely through drama and music. The assembly was very well put together - clearly, thought was put into the texts and the music. The children performed brilliantly - well done Pete and Year 6!

Tea with Rob revolved around secondary transfer with some solid advice from Rob about SATs, preparation for exams, secondary school applications and recording the children’s reading. It was  informative and relevant.


Y1 Assembly

This morning class 1 shared their learning on various topics. The children learnt about the continents and the oceans and focussed on the traditions and lifestyles in two different climates: a hot one, Kenya, and cold one, the Arctic! The children talked vividly about how shopping is carried on people's heads in Kenya, and how inuits live in igloos! They also shared their learning on Christopher Columbus and his travels with a little play and a wonderful song! Well done to Class 1!

Y6 Assembly

Year 6 put on a courtroom drama to share their learning on Crime and Punishment. The children wrote the script for their play by themselves and it was based on a true case of online bullying which made it to court. There were legal teams for prosecutiojn and defence, each bringing in 3 witnesses, as well as a judge, a clerk and the jury members. As the case progressed, (just like in the best TV dramas!) momentary explanations about the different roles and proceedings were given to the audience. It was a complex case, and the audience were asked at the end to close their eyes and vote whether to acquit or charge the defendant. It was interesting to see that the school was really divided about 50-50. This was a great illustration how justice can be fluid, with people interpreting the world differently, from within the context of their own experiences.

Acting was superb, with the children presenting the case so clearly, with very long speeches at times. I was totally engrossed in the story and it's development. What a great achievement Class 6!

- Ruth (Parent Governor)

Y6 Granny: The Musical

Sheena Masson Camden’s Primary Music Coordinator writes:

"Apologies, I didn't let you know about the explosion." Not a normal thing for a head teacher to say to a music teacher. But the production of "Granny" at Fitzjohn’s today was  no normal production!
This morning's performance was a wonderful synthesis of the creative skills at the school; the talents of Y6 beautifully nurtured and channelled by the skilful guidance of Rob Earrey and Amaryllis Rizou. The young performers brought to life the characters of Anthony Horowitz's sinister tale of octogenarian scheming. I saw the attached sign (old people crossing) on my way back to the office and it took on a completely different meaning - definitely more a threat than a warning

Thank you team Fitzjohn’s for your kind invitation and congratulations on a tremendous production which has left me positively looking forward to being 84!

Y6 Granny: The Musical


Thank you so much for inviting me to the fantastic Year 6 performance of “Granny – The Musical” last night.


The Year 6 children had clearly worked exceptionally hard to write lyrics and then learn and deliver a two hour show in which they acted, sang and danced with such commitment and confidence. As a group they demonstrated real ownership of the production and the way they worked as a team supporting each other was impressive. They were all absolute stars and should feel deservedly proud of their amazing achievement. Please do pass on my thanks and congratulations to them all.


Congratulations also to Rob, Pete, Amaryllis, Dawn, Holly and the other members of staff involved. The enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved was very apparent, and the inclusion of some of David Joyner’s music was a fitting reminder of the school’s proud tradition.  Please also pass on my thanks to the parents, especially those who organized the impressive refreshments in the playground.


Last night highlighted the strong sense of community at Fitzjohn’s together with the school’s commitment to excellence and the arts. I hope you will invite me to more wonderful events in the future!


With many thanks and very best wishes,


Peter West

Head of Camden Music Service.



Y6 Granny: The Musical

When I arrived to see the year 6 production “Granny”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A cautionary morality fable about our ageing population? Instead, it was a laugh-out-loud scramble through a tale of villainous oldsters, whose advanced years don’t prevent them committing some truly horrible crimes. The grannies plot and scheme their way through a series of beautifully arranged exploding sheds, sardonic songs and two terrifying German shepherds. (Dogs, in case you were wondering). I giggled all the way through. Very many congratulations are due to all those involved in this polished production, and particularly the Year 6 children who really shone. Well done everyone!

Danielle Litterick Chair of Fitzjohn’s Governors


Class 4 Assembly

Last Friday, Class 4 shared their learning on Ancient Egypt, states of matter and multiplication tables in a hysterical assembly. The children gleefully told us about the curse of Tutankhamun, stories about Egyptian gods, pharaohs and a great chariot battle—plus the “delightful” details of the Egyptian mummification process. The class and audience had lots of fun and we had a lovely parent tea afterwards with Rob.

Sarah Harper
Parent Governor